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A Week In The Workshop 118

Hi everyone, and welcome to both the new faces and old hands. Another of those bitty kind of weeks in the workshop this week - couple of days spent tearing my hair out with the shelf pin router bits, then onto the ‘extrusion confusion’ of the MFT hardware video; I posted another, what I thought of as a ‘throwaway’ pic of some of the components on instagram, and again it had a remarkable number of likes and comments, so we may well be onto something here.

In this video I quip that I’d just finished shooting the MFT hardware vid - I wish! When I did the rough edit it was far too long-winded, so I went back and re-shot a middle section, trimming 5 minutes of waffle out in the process. And it’s still something like 16 minutes long! Ah well - it least it’s a thorough video!

I did my guest spot on the three northern makers podcast this week - I’ll try and add a link in below, I think it goes live before this does - and it was very enjoyable, although I do seem to say ‘you know…’ a lot. I’m out of practise, clearly.

In other news I’ve reached an agreement with CNC Rhys to do the fulfilment of the loose tenon jig orders - he’s happy to do it for the same price the fulfilment people were quoting me, and it means we don’t have to ship the jigs all around the country in bulk - so fingers crossed we can get motoring on that, as I’ve been reluctant to work my way down the list too fast as it takes time to do the fulfilment, and thank you everyone for your patience!

Overall though it’s been a great week - exactly why I wanted to be able to slow down the pace of public postings, to be able to fiddle around with these little bits and pieces, and have time to experiment with and explore the options of, things like extrusion and fittings. So I’m in a happy place, hope you are too!

Before I go I’d like to give a big shout out and congratulations to Stuart Matthews of Proper DIY for hitting 100k subscribers this week. Stuart’s been a Patreon here for a while, and has only been on YouTube for a little over a year so that’s outstanding growth, and fully deserved. If you don’t know Stuarts channel, then head over and take a look, links below.

But that’s it for this one, thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the next one.


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