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A Week In The Workshop 119

Hi everyone, and a very warm welcome to old friends, and new. This week it’s all about the 10MW Workshop MFT - no pretentions of mobility in this multifunctional bench - it’s in the workshop and staying there - but in this vlog I walk you though the thought processes taken that lead to the decisions made, and that ultimately made the bench the way it is.

Since shooting this video - while I was back in the workshop for “10 minutes…” to shoot a thumbnail… - I’ve had a bit of an epiphany that resolves a niggle I’d had with this overall design; more on that later in the week, but the lashed-together ‘proof of concept’ suggests it should work well, and make the best use of what there is.

More fun to come on this; enjoy the rest of the weekend, thank you as always for your amazing support, and I’ll be back again during the week with something a bit more finished to show you.

All best for now, Peter

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