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A Week In The Workshop 120

Hi everyone, and warm welcome to old friends, and new. So following on from the mid-week follow-ups, here we have pretty much the finished WMFT - where W is for Workshop, ‘cos it sure ain’t portable!

It’s a big old lump, and there are still a couple of slight niggles to be resolved, but all things considered I’m very pleased with how this has turned out; the fence is absolutely rock solid, the front extension works really well, and front T-Track and rear curtain track feels really robust, with everything sliding really nicely.

I get a solid 800mm crosscut (and over 1 metre with the extension) but the downside of that is that the rear is quite hard to reach; as I say in the video, I’d already considered making it so it can pull forwards and tip up, so I do need to look at that in more detail to try and come up with a solution. And as much as I like the Dashboard rail hinge set, I really would like to push it back another 80-100mm, so I feel there may well be a rail hinge in my future with less of an overhang - no, not the Festool one, the Dashboard set has already ruined that for me, it’ll be a DIY affair, I think.

Anyway, that’s where we are for the moment; fingers crossed I’ll be chatting with Dave Stanton on Tuesday morning (for me - later evening for him!) and then I can get everything finished up, and the video out for Friday.

Thanks as always for your amazing support, and I’ll catch you in the week.

All best, Peter

Direct video link -

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