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A Week In The Workshop 122

Hi everyone Hope you had a good week, and are having a good weekend. I spent the week chained to my computer rattling the keyboard, trying to get the MFT plans sorted, and ten scripting and editing the step-by-step video to accompany the plans. And then I decided to put out a quick vlog-style video about the plans as well, and now, basically, here we are!

Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on this week, there’s a bit of an update on the loose tenon jigs, on the router bits that are finally coming through in decent numbers, a quick test with the Stu Parker 3D printed 18mm guide bush for the Festool OF1010 - it works a treat - there are an astounding number of people interested in a super-budget MFT video, oh, and there’s an interesting bit of news about Makers Central, too!

Thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you in the week.


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