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A Week In The Workshop 124

Hi everyone, and a warm welcome to all! I’ve been in and out of the workshop this week, firstly scrounging for materials for my budget-busting MFT, and then putting it together in my back garden using the MFT top and some plastic crates! The whole process was a bit trying, but only from the video perspective; let’s just say there’s a reason I spent my photographic career in a studio!

All things considered though, it went very well, and I’m very pleased with the final MFT, which cost a total of £75 (£54 of which was the top) and was all put together with an entry-level ‘MacAllister’ plunge saw and a 10.8v drill/driver; amazing what you can do with basic tools! By the by, when I did the previous MFT build I had lots of folks tell me about t-slot cutters, and the micro jig stuff; thank you - I am aware, and I do have a video planned on that aspect of it, but the reason I went with the t-track is because it reduces the required tool set essentially to just a saw and drill; you’d need a fairly beefy router before you start running t-slot cutters, I think.

More new stuff this week; a new ‘main’ camera - my first in a fair few years - and a lovely t-square from Ralph at Benchdogs. This is Benchdogs first (I think) foray into stainless steel, and it really is glorious. Obviously not a budget buy, but significantly less than the equivalent e.g. woodpecker t-square, so well worth a look if you’re in the market for one, especially with the 5% discount, details below.**

And talking of precision instruments, I’ve had a couple of people ask about Vladimir from Mirock Toolworks; Vlad is in the Ukraine, and I’m afraid I know nothing other than what he’s posted on Instagram - he’s closed the store to look after his family. Haven’t heard anything since late feb. so fingers crossed no news is, let’s say the ‘least worst’ news, and of course I’ll let you know if I hear any more.

There’s a bit more stuff about the Loose Tenon Jig Plus, and a clip from the budget MFT build too, but I’ll leave all that for the video. Thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you next week.


Direct video link -

Benchdogs T-square - **Use the offer code “10MINUTEWORKSHOP” for a 5% discount across the board at

As a Benchdogs affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales.

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