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A Week In The Workshop 125

Hi everyone! Welcome, and welcome back. Slightly shorter video this week as not much has been going on other than general fault-finding, a bit of general DIY and making a start on the basic builds shelves. And yes, an unplanned trip back to the dentist, unfortunately… I’ll let the video do most of the talking on this, but did want to say that I’m getting towards the end of the initial list of folks who registered an interest for the loose tenon jigs, so I’ll make the jigs available to the ‘general public’ in the next week or so. The remaining few Patreon supporters and YouTube members will receive a notification in the usual way, but I’ll copy and paste the body of the general email here, if anyone is interested in the original loose tenon jig.

I should have the loose tenon jig+ next week, and I’d totally understand if you prefer to wait for that, or to get a better look at that before deciding.

That’s all for this one; I’m away on ‘dad duty’ again this weekend - I’ll be on the way back when this goes live - but I’ll do a quick mid-week one to keep you up to speed with the basic build, OK?

Thanks as always for your amazing support, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Direct video link - + + + + + Loose Tenon Jigs. Thanks so much for your patience; you registered your interest in the Loose Tenon Jig what seems like forever ago - we’ve been completely stymied from lack of router bits for the starter packs, but I’m delighted to say that we now have everything in hand, and ready to be processed. For UK members there’s a micro-store for these at For members outside the UK I process these orders through my Etsy to avoid any additional import duties (VAT may apply); they’re not yet publicly listed on Etsy to avoid the ‘feeding frenzy’ but if you head over there - - and message me, with an idea of what you’d like to order (options are listed below) I’ll be able to fulfil the order as a private listing. My apologies for the clunky workaround, but it’s the only way I can think of making this work without you incurring additional ‘handling’ fees, and whilst honouring your place in the queue! Thank you - and don’t forget to apply the ‘MEMBER20’ discount code at checkout! Peter +++++ Loose Tenon Jig options:- Jig alone - £45 Jig & starter pack - £65 Jig, starter pack & Trend 18mm guide bush - £74 UK shipping is £9, Rest of world from £16, and all deliveries are tracked

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