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A Week In The Workshop 136

Hi everyone, hope you’re well - or better than me anyway - hope you had a good week and are having a good weekend.

Just a shorter one this week as I’m not 100%, and tbh there hasn’t been much going on since Wednesday other than grinding out next weeks video on the rail hinge, which is looking pretty great btw - I’ll run a clip at the end of this vid.

I tinkered with a couple of little camera support ideas - might be of interest to the YouTubers or photo/video enthusiasts out there - and I’ve bought a couple of odds and ends to try out another silly idea, much along the lines of the tracksaw dovetails; more on that once I had the chance to play a bit.

Otherwise it’s business as usual; Rhys has come back to be with a ball-park cost for the hinge pivots and it looks like they could be a flyer, so as soon as he gets his new CNC commissioned next week they might be the first job he does.

Happy times!

Next public video will be on the MFT jigs - Park Guide vs Trend jig vs cheap MDF jig - which I hope will be quick to do, but will actually involve making three separate MFT tops, so maybe not that quick after all!

Anyway, won’t know until I get them done - keep you posted!

Thanks as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you in the week, OK?

Cheers, Peter

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