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A Week In The Workshop 138

Hi everyone and welcome, old friends and new. A bitty, chatty one this week as there’s a lot to be done. There’s a new 10MW product on the near horizon that isn’t a DIY rail hinge - though there’s a bit of news about that too - and I’m actually quite excited about it - it ticks a lot of boxes, this one, and as with all the ‘Plus’ products, it’s a little bit bigger, and it does more…

More on that in a future vid as I’ve only just finalised the drawings and I need CNC Rhys to get it in CAD to make sure we can get the yield I’d need to make it a viable product, commercially.

Lots of questions about the mid-week MFT video, and some great ones from Patreon member Catherine Ellis - thanks Catherine! - and hopefully I’ve answered those here in this vid.

I was contacted through Etsy by new member Kevin North about an idea he’s had for 3D printed inserts for the loose tenon jigs; these make it easier to use on 12mm thick stock, with either 4 x 20 dominos, or cut down 5x30s. Kevin has kindly sent me a couple of sets, and hopefully I’ll get to try them out this week.

As soon as Kevin gets them in his Etsy I’ll post a link here. I’ve also set up a forum category on 10minuteworkshop Plus for members to post about and link to their own creations, as I get quite a few messages about people looking for ‘that waste side jig thing’ or ‘that bandsaw stop button’ that they’ve seen in a vid but can’t remember where; I though a separate forum category would be a good place for members who make these things to showcase what they do, and it’s exactly the kind of thing that I can’t do on Patreon or YouTube memberships.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking; thank you as always for your amazing support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you next week.

Best, Peter

Direct video link -

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