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A Week In The Workshop 140

Hi everyone, and welcome old friends and new. So a bit of a scrappy week this week, starting off by playing catch-up Monday, then I had a total waste of an afternoon at Trend, sadly.

While they showed a mild interest in the jigs (“we’ll definitely consider taking that to the board…”) they really just wanted to pump me for information about a forthcoming product they have planned in the Domino area - not a tool, just a consumable, all of which could easily be done with a phone call or Zoom tbh.

I don’t mind a factory tour - factories are interesting - but a warehouse and office tour wasn’t why I took half a day out of my schedule!

Anyway, we’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

The rest of the week was spent playing with the Matchfit clamps; nice product, with the proviso of my misgivings about a proprietary system. Again, Instagram, has turned one of my little videos - featuring the Matchfit bits - into a mini viral sensation, picking up a million and a half views in a couple of days; the exact same video posted to faceBook was watched 455 times over the same period! Bizarre what works and what doesn’t and I wish I knew why!

Anyway, I decided to ‘Matchfit’ my workshop MFT and it went pretty well. Still not convinced about the proprietary dovetail nature of the system, but I do see the appeal of the tracks; maybe there’s a router t-track version to be done at some point, although I do want to get away from the whole MFT/workbench thing soon!

10MinuteWorkshop plus is continuing to attract members, thank so much everyone who’s joining in over there. I think the way things are going I’ll be switching on the paid tiers from August 1st this year, and will switch the new content over from September. Nothing set in stone, but I think that gives everyone enough tine to disengage from Patreon/YouTube Memberships, and make the switch, if they choose.

Hopefully I’ll have a mock-up of the 10MW MFT/Plus jig to show you next time, but for the moment, enjoy the rest of the weekend, thanks so much for your support, and Icatch you in the next one.

Best, Peter

Direct video link -

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