A Week In The Workshop 145+

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Hi everyone, and welcome to another week in the workshop!

There hasn’t been huge amount going on this week as it’s been too hot to spend much time here, and I was busy getting the cubes video out of the door.

There’s a few bits and pieces to discuss, though, a little more on the footstool project, and a fair bit on the new plus member platform.

One quick note on that front; there are a few keen beans who have signed up to the paid plans already; they’re not really in place yet, and won’t be until the end of the month where there’ll be discounted rates for existing members, so just chill for the moment, enjoy access for the rest of the month with my compliments, and I’ll fill you in on all the details when everything’s settled and ready to go, OK?

In this video I do make the draw for the MFT/1080 giveaway in this video; thanks so much for everyone who put their name down, but there’s only one MFT, so only one lucky winner; be sure to watch the vid to find out if it was you…

That’s it for now; I’ll post mid-week if there’s anything more on the footstool timber choice or any further progress on the next product, but until then, thank you so much for being here, stay cool and drink plenty!

Best, Peter

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