A Week In The Workshop 151

Direct video link - https://youtu.be/4YhcqGLFj_I

Hi everyone. Hope you’ve had a good week, and are having a great weekend.

This week it’s all about that visit to Mirka, about brand enthusiasm vs reality, a little update on the Matchfit Microjig stuff, and on a related note, some follow-up on the drill press mini-makeover (eg why I didn’t do a circular insert like Dennis from Hooked on Wood) and also an unintended consequence of the DIY T-slot is that it’s a near ‘universal’ fitting - or will be with a little more work, which has already been done, but not committed to video…

I’d like to give another quick shout-out to long-time Patreon supporter and now Plus member Dafydd, and say congratulations for making it through the first round of Handmade: Britain’s best woodworker! The standard generally seems to be higher this year than last, and while the ambition of some of the projects seemed far beyond the time generally allocated, I know I’d struggle to make a table in two days - let alone one that was ‘inspired by a favourite country’!

Handmade is on Channel 4 at 8.00pm on Wednesday, so be sure to set it to record if you can’t watch live.

Congratulations also to Carla Edwards whose name came out of the digital hat for the members’ Danish Cord bundle; I’ll be in touch Carla, and will get this in the post as soon as possible.

Just as an FYI there may be a slight interruption to the flow of member videos in the coming week whilst I’m stretched a bit thin, but normal service will resume as soon as I’m able.

As always, thanks so much for your support, and it's great to have so many folks moved across here on Plus, and making it such a great place to be a part of - thank you!

All best for now, Peter

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