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A Week In The Workshop 166

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Hi all! So I manage to snatch a few hours out of the workshop, and this is what happens!

Yes, I attended a Festool dealer day out in Woking with all the good intentions of keeping my wallet in my pocket, but I caved and bought the new cordless table saw; it’s really nice, and I think it’ll do me just fine, even with the limited capacity - it’s no panel saw, but then I don’t need that, it’s for narrow rips and small precise cuts.

Anyway, monies paid, just awaiting delivery, which is stated as nothing more precise than ‘February’; at least it’s a short month…

In other news there’s some progress with the new shelf pin jig, and also with the custom clevis pins, too. Things are definitely starting to progress…

Talking of which I made a start on the drawer cabinet cutlets, and I also have another trip out next week - no wallet required for this one, but it’ll mean that the mid-week vid will be later than usual, I think.

Or maybe earlier, who knows??

That’s it for this week though, thanks so much for your support, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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