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A Week In The Workshop 168

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Hi everyone. A genuinely quicker one this week as I needed to press on with the drawer cabinet build, which has turned into a bit of a slog.

TL;DR. Dowels are hard work, even with a duo-doweller - or two! The Triton isn’t terrible and gave me no major problems, but I’m definitely out of practice at cabinet construction!

I - hopefully - answer a couple of follow-on questions about the centrotec vid and system, and should have a bit more on the 20mm router bit discussion for you in the week, when I’ll also do the Festool micr-systainer draw as well!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks you as always, for your support, and for being part of Plus.


#AWITW #AWITW168 #Dowels #DrawerCabinet #Centrotec #Doweller

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