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A Week In The Workshop 174

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Hi everyone, hope you’re well; just a chatty one this week as I talk you through a measure-up for some fitted wardrobes - and then explain why they’re not going to happen!

I have an idea for a ‘travel toolkit’ video, but not sure if it’s just me that travels with a few things to make repairs or just tighten things up whilst on the move - let me know if it’s what you do too - and I think I’ve figured out how to add the missing lines onto the Triton Doweller that should make this into a workable tool. Make no mistake at £175 or thereabouts I don’t believe you should have to do this, but if the tool suits your needs in other respects, then this is an easy way to add those missing features.

That’s it for this one, thank you as always for being here, and enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll catch you in the week.


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