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A Week In The Workshop 180

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Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a good week. Very much continuing the theme, in this one I take a very roundabout route to cut the hand-holds for the cabinet doors, and I crack on with the office refurb, albeit all in the workshop now.

I recorded this video on Friday morning, and since then I have primed and painted everything, so provided the second coat dries nicely it’ll be just a question of waiting for it to fully harden before I get everything installed, probably Monday. Phew!

I ended up going for F&B Hague blue, as my local paint shop didn’t have any dark grey ‘Railings’. - wasn’t until afterwards that I realised I was paying for this myself and could easily have had another brand mixed up and colour matched! 🤦‍♂️ Never mind, I rather like the blue!

Once this is done and dusted I’ll be in full Makers Central prep. mode; if anyone’s coming to the show at the NEC next weekend, I’ll be there on stand B08 with Stuart from Proper DIY, so be sure to come and say hello; I’m not doing any sales this year, but I’ll have late-stage samples of the next-gen Loose Tenon Jig to show off, and the 10MW MFT/plus jig too.

I’ll also be on stage on the Sunday morning at 10.30 alongside Stuart, Matt Estlea, Charlie White from CharlieDIYte, and Vikkie Lee, The Carpenter’s Daughter, for a live Q&A so if there on the Sunday come and join in, questions at the ready.

If I can I’ll shoot some video along the way, but these things tend to be pretty full-on so I’ll have to play that one by ear. In previous years I’ve done a quick walk-around ‘live’ of the show just before it opens on YouTube, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too.

That’s it for this one, thanks as always for being part of all this, and I’ll catch you mid-week.

All best for now, Peter

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