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A Week In The Workshop 181

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Hi everyone, hope you’re well. I’m away at Makers central and will report back on that this coming week; half an hour from when this video goes live I'll be taking the stage for a live Q&A session with a few other British YouTubers in the woodwork and DIY space, and as accustomed as I am to talking to myself on camera, this will actually be my first attempt at live public speaking, so wish me luck!

For today though, I’ll pick up where I left off from the home office rebuild in the midweek, when I’d just measured up for the plinth that the cabinets will sit on...

Catch you in the midweek, hopefully with some some Makers Central stories for you!

Cheers Peter.

#AWITW #AWTIW181 #Plinth #Cabinets

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