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A Week In The Workshop 184

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Hi everyone.

Couple of topics dominating this weeks chat - the house move, and the saw.

I’ll leave the video to do the talking, but thank you all so much for your well wishes - the move went off just fine, and we’re mostly sorted and settled into the rental, though there are still some picture-hanging odds and ends to take care of, inevitably.

And breathe…

Before I go, just a quick reminder that this is the last week of the Sautershop motor and lift giveaway - the comments will close this Friday, the 9th, and the winner announced on the following Sunday AWITW, so if you're interested get your name down by making a comment in the forum (link below) - you have to be in the spin to win...

Have a great weekend everyone, and thank you all so much for being here and being part of this.



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