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A Week In The Workshop 187

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A bit of a stream of consciousness video today, as I ramble on about bluetooth batteries for Howard, guide rail discrepancies for Colin, and attempt to explain the range of Festool extractors and UK/EU standards differ to those in the US; yeah, this is why I shouldn’t do a video about this!

There’s the winner(s) of the Fan in a Can and the DeWalt Battery charger giveaways announced, and the next giveaway, too - embarrassingly I’ve had this for over a year, sat in the box, unopened…

Link here -

Thanks so much for being part of Plus, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I’ll catch you in the week.


Edited to add: I completely forgot to mention that I'm a guest on the Makers Waffle podcast this evening, hosted by Andy Pugh and Jamie Reader; MW is a bit of a 'stream of consciousness podcast' in itself, recorded as a live YouTube stream on Sunday evenings at 9.30pm, and finishes when we fall asleep, basically. The audio / video is then put out pretty much unedited next day. If you want to catch the show live then you can find Makers Waffle on YouTube here -

Further reading on Dust Classes:-

Protrade dust classes explained -

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