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A Week In The Workshop 195

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Hi all.

Fair warning - bit of a rambling stream of consciousness video today, ‘cos sometimes that’s what you get. There’s a few thoughts on the accidental ‘joinery’ series which seems to have happened (people who watch seems to enjoy it, not that many watching…) and also on the whole ‘New York agent’ thing; I really do get 8-10 of those emails every day and I would love to have someone else deal with them!

There’s been a general downturn in YouTube Adsense - there’s always a ‘summer slump’ though this one seems particularly flat - but it’s not a real concern because of the way I’ve structured the YouTube business, with products, plans, memberships, affiliate income taking up the slack.

Having created this I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise it, and if the New York agent doesn’t work out, then so be it; but I think it’s worth having the conversation and giving it a 3-month trial.

I watched a very interesting interview with YouTuber Ali Abdaal who leverages his videos to an extraordinary degree, and whilst the hard numbers are fascinating, I can’t help but feel that the business he’s created has such a large overhead - $2.5M in costs in 2022and a staff of 18 at the time - that his business could be much simpler if he just pulled it back a notch or two. But what do I know?

I’ll link the interview below- it’s a couple of hours long but very interesting, if that’s your kind of thing; makes a change to see a top YouTuber who’s British, too!

That’s all for this week though.

Thanks so much for being part of Plus, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you in the mid-week.

Best, Peter

Colin and Samir with Ali Abdaal -

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