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A Week In The Workshop 199

Hey everyone!

Just FYI I had a bit of a nightmare day on Friday, after I'd shot this video; I'll share the story sometime, but my apologies for the later than planned 'Which Glue When' video, public version of which is tanking as we speak - a 10/10 which is a bad thing in YouTube land - all down to the fact that it was posted 16 minutes late, I'm sure. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, focus in this week's AWITW is on the new Lamello Clamex S-20 connector, and it’s really good - if kinda pricey! Before all that I had a great visit from forum admin Graham Alexander, who was in London for a few days; great to catch up Graham, and thanks so much for the help with the biscuit jointer - I'd never really used one before, so it was super-helpful having someone on hand who had!

I used S-20 fittings with my cheap little Aldi biscuit jointer - fun fact, the box of fittings cost more than the power tool - and a little awkwardness with the biscuit jointer aside, they produced a joint that was very similar to the Zeta P2 and Clamex P-14 combination.

Of course, the £46 for the ‘starter pack’ of 20 S-Clamex would buy you about 1000 Dominos, and the 10MW loose Tenon Jig costs less than the box of 80, but they’re different enough I think, to co-exist peacefully!

If you fancy getting your hands on a handful of these fittings to play with then I have 5 sample pack to give away this week, and five more next week; just make a comment in the Clamex S-20 post in the Giveaways and Free Stuff forum - there’s a link below.

Fair warning: I only have one hex key and one Drilling guide spare, so the first name off the wheel o' names will get those, everyone else will have to make their own arrangements.

Usual rules apply - only one entry per person please, and I’ll ship them anywhere.

Random thought - maybe one of the enterprising 3D printing experts could make a little jig to mark the position of the access hole these fittings need - I'm thinking a simple L shape like my concealed hinge jig but with a tiny hole (big enough to get an awl into) 6.8mm away from the edge is all you need, along with a couple of lines or >|< markings to show the centre?

I've posted the tech spec PDF to my dropbox here - - if anyone wants to take a look.

If anyone does put something together, post about it in the forums, or let me know and I'll mention it in a post.

Thanks! Peter

Clamex S-20 sample packs giveaway:-

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David Sneddon
David Sneddon
Sep 20, 2023

Hey Peter had exactly the same issue with Rutlands knobs and tees. Nice video and that little Aldi unit looks more my price range.


Ken Myerscough
Ken Myerscough
Sep 17, 2023

The S20s look extremely interesting for the hobbyist woodworker. I could never justify purchasing a Domino or Lamello for number of jobs | would use it for. However, I have had a Workzone (Aldi) biscuit jointer sat on my shelf for number of years waiting for the perfect project but I always gone to dowels instead.

The S20 appears to be the perfect solution, especially with your idea of using biscuits to align work.

Please include me in the draw, I'd really like to try them out.

Thanks for the wonderful information again.


Ken from Sunny • Southport

Sep 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Ken! Good to see you here, and yes, the Aldi Workzone biscuit jointer worked surprisingly well! 👍👍

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