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A Week In The Workshop 206

Hi everyone

So all been a bit house-heavy this week - aside from the final Medite video going out, of course! We are getting there with the house, slowly - still lots to do, and we’re grinding our way through the jobs as best we can. I was on additional shelving duty this week, cutting and notching some shelves for a particularly narrow set of cabinets we have against a chimney breast, and just for fun I thought I’d try a novel use of the Domino - actually worked pretty well!

The Doors Gaps Factsheet I mentioned in the Friday video is available to members in the plans category of the forum - link below - and I’ll add the Kreg concealed hinge drilling jig into the give-aways category as soon as I can get it done - again, I’ll post a link below when that’s available.

Thanks all, enjoy the rest of your weekend and catch you in the midweek.

Best, Peter

Direct link -

Door Gaps FactSheet -

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