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A Week In The Workshop 211

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Hi everyone; one of those ‘nothing happened again this week’ videos today as I’ve been head down and ploughing through my accounts, an annual event that I find particularly loathsome yet does require my attention - or somebody’s at least!

Anyway, I’ve bought another of the new cameras, and a lens to go with - Badger Matt is a very bad influence - and in this video I’m experimenting with the built-in mic, so apologies for any less than stellar audio and the odd blur of distortion here and there; it won’t be a regular thing.

There’s a bit more spectacularly out of level discoveries courtesy of our builders - just a shelf this time and easily fixed - and there’s some interesting connectors that I haven’t seen before that I happened upon courtesy of our new sofa, and a bit of Domino chat as well, picking up from a post by Paul in the forum about a vintage Morticer that uses the same action  - spinning bit and a sweeping arc - as the Domino.

The Domino patent expires next year I believe, and I do wonder if we’ll see immediate cheap copies, or if like the plunge saw, there’ll be good quality branded items first, with manufacturers pitching themselves into the market at price-points much closer to those that Festool have established. And how appealing would that be?

The (Spanish?) manufacturer Virutex has come out with a duo-doweller that looks decent, but costs the best part of £600; would that be enough of a cost saving to tempt people away from the Mafell - or up from the Triton? I think personally if I was looking at spending that kind of money I’d probably find the extra couple of hundered and get the Mafell, with the almost guaranteed resale value if it was ever needed.

Maybe that’s just me? Let me know what you think!

Thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you in the midweek.


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