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A Week In The Workshop 212

For all Plus members

Hi everyone. So been a good week, albeit with a frisson of frustration with a sponsor - my first ‘integration’ courtesy of my New York agent - and I’m happy to say that since shooting this they’re very pleased to pick up the next video, so I will be making the middle cabinet for a video to come out this coming Friday, after all!

We definitely had one of the final ‘house’ pieces click into place when the glass splashbacks were delivered and fitted, so over to me now to finish up all the little odds and ends pre-christmas, the biggest of which will be the wood veneer panelling in he downstairs WC, which is shaping up to be a really fiddly little thing to do.

Anyway, all is explained in the vid. BTW, I’ve had a few messages about missing notifications; we have a few niggles with notifications and (website manager) Alan has been tinkering with some of the settings to try and resolve this; setting are back to normal for the moment, while we continue to experiment with who is seeing what, but if you have any website issues or feedback, please put them in the feedback forum as Alan monitors this directly and will see them first.

Thanks as always for being here, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you again in the midweek.

Best, Peter

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