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DIY MFT - ad free for members.

In this video I build my DIY MFT-alike using Ikea curtain-track and Birch plywood, amongst other things. Enjoy!

Thanks so much to Dave Stanton for stopping by for a chat about the Stanton Dog Stops. Check out Dave’s channel here - Dave’s Dog Stop video here - Follow Dave on Instagram - @david_stanton_woodwork As a Benchdogs affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales; use the offer code ‘10MINUTEWORKSHOP’ at checkout for 5% discount across the board at +++++++++ Videos mentioned / of interest Extrusion Confusion - a guide to MFT hardware - 3 Easy Wins; New Benchtops - LR32MFT - Benchdogs FenceDogs - Benchdogs fence - Sautershop Variobench - All my tracksaw-related videos are in a playlist here - Festool MFT - MFT follow-on - MFT top replacement - +++++++++ Direct video link -

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