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How I fit soft-close double extension drawer slides [member edit]

Direct video link -

In this one I make some inset drawer boxes from Birch-faced Poplar plywood with Maple faced globulus plywood fronts, and I fit them with double extension ‘ball-race’ soft close drawer slides. Enjoy!

Full list of individual products used in this video below, or browse my Amazon store at

I used the Keith Brown Original Oil Wax finish - also available in clear and food safe versions here -

AUK router was supplied for long-term review by Woodworkers Workshop. I have not been paid to make this video or say nice things about the product, as a WWW affiliate I may earn from qualifying sales; be sure to use the offer code ’10MINUTEWORKSHOP’ with the links below for a 5% discount (valid until December 31st 2022) on these products, and thanks so much to Woodworkers Workshop for extending that offer.

Handy consumables & gear:-

Visit my Amazon store here -

Soft close drawer slides, direct link - (US: [similar]

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