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I Make 5 Fake Plywood Joints [member edit]

In this one I fake 5 basic woodwork joints using just a sheet of plywood and explain why you might want to do that, and on which projects. Enjoy.


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Sep 01, 2023

This was VERY informative and gives me lots of ideas. Making the rebates for shelves will come in handy! Also, using 12mm and 6mm sheet goods to make a cabinet may have some cost savings on material (excluding the 18mm used in making the shelves). Would be interesting to do a cost comparison between the 2 build methods.

Sep 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Paul! Not sure there'll be much cost benefit, unless you include the cost-saving of not having a router! But I'll definitely make a cabinet this way, just for fun. And a video, obvs. 👍

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