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Midweek Maple 110

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Hi everyone! Just a quick midweek catchup for you - not a huge amount to share as I haven't really been in this week yet, due to slaving away at the coalface of online store changes, but thought I'd share what I had.

Catch you at the weekend.


p.s. prices quoted in the vid includes my discount...

Edited to add: I popped into the yard to settle up this afternoon, and they told me that 18mm Birch ply simply isn't available; they're OK for 15mm & 22mm, but not 18mm - and the last they had was £170/sheet + VAT; so in that context, you can see why the Maple's priced as it is. 🤷‍♂️

#Midweek110 #Maple #MaplePly #MapleBirch

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