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Monitor stand - A Basic Build [member edit]

In this video I’m back on the #BasicBuild series and making a super-simple monitor stand from coloured MDF with just a #tracksaw and a #chisel. Enjoy!

Basic build videos are just that - simply constructed projects from readily available materials using a minimal - and entry-level - toolset (list below) and with each build we add a tool - or two - that grows the scope of the work we can take on.

Check out the basic builds playlist here -

I used the Keith Brown Original Oil Wax finish - also available in clear and food safe versions here -

I also used the Hand-i-Craft Carnauba wax, pick some up at Leo’s new store here -

I used Finsa Fibracolour for this shelf, and thanks so much to FinsaUK for the larger than usual samples.

For Fibracolour cut to size see

Or contact @FinsaUK on Instagram for stockists -

Browse the full Basic Build toolset here -

Visit my Amazon store here -

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