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'Baltic' Birch Basics [member edit]

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In this video I take a closer look at the benefits of Birch Plywood, sometimes called ‘Baltic’ Birch. For clarity, I’m British and the Birch plywood available here is generally what our American cousins would refer to as Baltic Birch i.e. thin plywood layers with thicker face veneers, all in Birch throughout. In the UK boards that have only the face veneers in Birch are described as such e.g. ‘Birch-faced Poplar’ or ‘Birch veneered’ plywood.

Most Birch ply sold here is exterior grade 8’ x 4’ sheets, and while interior grade 5’ x 5’ sheets are available they’re typically a special order, and I’ve never actually seen any in 20-odd years in the business.

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