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Spax or Reisser?

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Hey everyone. Just a very quick 'video response' to Marco's question about Spax or Reisser as premium screws. I’ve used both and they’re both a big step up IMHO from eg Screwfix Gold, though the differences are pretty subtle; I tend to think of Reisser as more of a construction screw, and Spax more for cabinetry, but both work well and I haven’t had a single bad or snapped head since switching over to them forever ago.

I did use Spax M-cut for most of my cabinetry simply for the very good edge performance; not a whole lot to choose between them and regular Spax as far as self-countersinking goes, though both seemed better than the Reisser screws I had on hand in this video.

Again, I only have them in 4x16s so it could just be the screw size.

Anyway, hope this helps - it’s helped me start to plan a ‘which screw when?’ video!

Best, P

ps - shot edited and posted on my phone so forgive the less than stellar audio.

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