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2 Clamp Racks & 5 Unsung (Workshop) Heroes [member edit]

Direct link -

In this one I make a couple of quick and simple clamp racks, and in the process re-discover 5 tools and accessories that are truly the unsung heroes of the workshop. Enjoy!


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Featured in this video (other brands are available)

3M 9088 strong double-sided tape -

‘Everyday’ double-sided tape -

Trend Snappy flip bit set -

Bosch Multipurpose drill bit set -

Bosch green hammer drill (similar, not £5 anymore!) -

Cheap corded hammer drill (choice) -

03 Adhesive thick CA glue -

O3 Adhesive Accelerator -

#clamps #clamprack #Fclamp #ParallelClamp ##flipbit #doublesided #superglue #hammerdrill #multibit

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