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A Week In The Workshop 144

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a good week and are having a great weekend.

So I was back on the tools and the MDF trail making stuff this week; I banged out a quick proof of concept prototype of the footstool I chatted about in the mid-week, and this has worked out really well, with only one silly mistake on my part.

I’ve ordered some bits and pieces for the Danish cord - I’d like to do the real thing in black cord, but haven’t found a UK supplier as yet.

The ‘basic build’ cubes are coming along; I should have the last one made over the weekend; as I say in the vid, I’m still not sure wether to try adding dowels into the mix or not; the simple ‘glue & tape’ fibracolour seems plenty strong, though the bevels are a bit gappy so will need some work.

Hopefully by the time you read this I’ll have made that snap decision and will have the last bevel-cut cube in clamps - or tape!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s signed up for the new members area at - will take you straight the signup if you haven’t already.

One thing about being back on the tools is that I keep coming across things I want to get rid of and next on the list is that disaster of a tablesaw. Very much a project, but if anyone wants it they’re welcome to it!

I’ll be calling time on the MFT 1080 this week so get your name down by Friday if you’re interested, OK?

Last thing; I’ve had a couple of folks mention that they can’t add photos to messages through the contact form on the website; that’s really for the general public - you don’t want just anyone to be able to send you files and attachments! If you instigate a conversation that way then after I reply it just becomes email, so you can attach photos that way. Best thing though is to use the member email address - will reach me directly.

I’ll call this one done for now though, thanks as always for your amazing support, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


Direct video link -

Mash Tools Bevel aid for Festool, Mafell or Bosch [video 413] -

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