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A Week In The Workshop 149

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Side note; this AWITW was shot and scheduled before the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth, and while no reference is made to that or subsequent events, this is simply a matter of timing and is in no way disrespectful.

Hi everyone. Once again this video is going out to all channel members, irrespective of the platform and level of membership because I want to be sure that everyone has had access to the message. As you may be aware there are big changes afoot with the member platforms, as I transition away from Patreon and YouTube Memberships to my own member platform, 10MinuteWorkshop Plus.

We are into September now, and for the rest of this month things will continue as they are, but from October 1st 2022 all new member content will only be posted at 10MinuteWorkshop Plus, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you have the rest of the month to disengage from the legacy platforms and move over to Plus.

There are more details in the video, and at

Thank you!

Welcome to the old friends and new faces. Been quite a week, starting with the complete surprise of getting name-checked in a Steve Ramsey video on the history of woodwork on YouTube. It’s a great video (links below) but considering the company I was mentioned in, I’m just stunned - if not a full-on concussion - that Steve Ramsey is even aware of the channel; I’m sure the rest of the folks on that list are scratching their heads thinking Who TF is that…?

Anyway, always nice to be noticed, and it’s genuinely an interesting video, and well worth a watch.

I talk a little bit more in this one about the next scheduled 10MW product, and MFT jig that also does shelf-pin holes, and no, I promise I’m not obsessed with them, it just happens to have come up recently, in addition to this longer-term plan.

I mention in the video the difficulties folks have in getting a 20mm hole from a 20mm bit, and the reason for this is in the routers - they’re just not that accurate, and the tolerances, as I’m discovering, are incredibly fine. Anyway, long story short I’ve had some slightly undersized router bits made by the incredibly patient Johnny Rennie at Rennie Tools, and these are working pretty nicely with the routers I have to hand. But what I’d like is to have them tested ‘in the wild’ with other routers, so if anyone is willing to take part - especially if you have a router from Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi/Hikoki or Makita - I’ll put a package together of a truncated MFT jig and a piece of MDF for you to run a test.

I have bits in 8mm and 1/2” shank, and I’ll pay for shipping both ways; I would like to get the information in as soon as we can, so would particularly appreciate hearing from folks who can run the test promptly, so probably my UK-based members, at least initially.

If you’d like to be part of the 10MW testing team, just drop a comment below, and I’ll be in touch, thanks!

The Danish cord starter pack has been added to the relevant forum over at 10MW Plus, so if that’s of interest head on over and add a comment on the forum. Same goes for the SanderCard / CardSander. Both of the above are available to newsletter subscribers as well.

As mentioned in the video, I’ve rediscovered a few old blog posts and have resurrected them for public consumption over at 10minuteworkshop Plus where I’ll be posting them daily for this coming week; let me know what you think, and whether I should post the rest or just bin them!

I’ll call this one done for now though, thanks so much for your amazing support, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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Steve Ramsey, The Story of Woodworking on YouTube: 2005-2017. A Documentary About Sharing a Craft. -

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