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A Week In The Workshop 160

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Hi everyone, and welcome old friends and new faces. So it’s been a bit of a #patchwork week in the workshop this week, and not just the Mondrian table top!

An Amazon Black Friday purchase nudged me down a rabbit-hole of #tripod parts cannibalisation and 8020 extrusion which took up a chunk of - hugely enjoyable - time, and then lots of admin-type of work was required before I managed to get into the workshop and cutting stuff up.

The #Mondrian table top is coming along - and will hopefully have progressed some more by the time this video is live - but it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that working on small, very precise cuts - like the one’s I’m making for this patchwork table - that a table saw might be on the shopping list in the New Year. And as entertaining as the cordless Festool one seems to be, I’m not sure it would be up to the task - though I’m not what would!

In the meantime I’m jogging along using what I have, and it’s OK, just not as straightforward as it could be.

Shout-out to Chris Murley who posted in the forum about the #CTS click-connect extraction hoses and adapters; I had completely forgotten that I was given a set of these, so I’ll dig them out and put them in the giveaways section. Fair warning; due to the size of the package this one might have to be UK only - I’ll check and confirm when I get them in my hands.

And I’ll be putting together some sample packs of #abrasive - Abranet, the 3M Cubitron stuff and some Smirdex mesh abrasive - and they’ll be up for grabs soon for anyone who fancies trying them out.

That’s all for this one though; thanks for being part of 10MW Plus, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you mid-week sometime.

Cheers, Peter

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