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A Week In The Workshop 169

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Hi Everyone, hope you’ve had a good week and are having a good weekend. I seem to have spent all this week at my computer writing, so my apologies - I know I owe a few folks replies to emails and I will get to them over the weekend.

Still haven’t managed to turn up my 20mm router bit tests so we’ll chat about that another time. There’s a bit more about the Birch ply alternatives now I’ve used them a bit more, and a little more info on the Festool CXS 18 that I mentioned in passing when I chatted about the Centrotec system.

There’s also the Festool USB Lanyard giveaway too, so stay tuned to the end for that one. Oh, and a little bit of chat about the Domino too. Or is that two?

Thanks as always for being here, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


#AWITW #AWITW169 #BirchPly #DominoXL #BirchPlyAlternative

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