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A Week In The Workshop 171

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Hi everyone. There’s a few more thoughts on the Triton Doweller this week, after I’ve had the chance to use it a bit more on the drawer builds. The drawers worked out pretty well, but a couple of niggles - and an explicable omission - on the doweller makes me really struggle to understand who this is aimed at in the market.

In other news, I have a couple of social things going on in the next couple of weeks, including a trip to Berlin courtesy of Amazon! I've never been to Berlin - and honestly not sure how much of it I’ll get to see, given the schedule - but I think it’ll be a fascinating event, and I suspect I’ll very much be in the minority in terms of age/ influencer audience/ genre etc…

None of which takes anything away from an all expenses paid trip to Berlin, of course, but the schedule will mean that I’m unlikely to have a mid-week vid out for you on the 15th, just FYI.

Anyway, that’s a couple of weeks away or thereabouts, and there’s lots to do before then!

A little bit of housekeeping before I go; these posts and the midweek catch-ups will start to go behind the paywall for members on paid plans - I did the first last of these last week with Midweek 117 and while there's a clearly a couple of kinks to iron out, overall it worked as planned, so I'll be continuing along that path with future member content.

Thank you, as always, for your amazing support, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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