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A Week In The Workshop 192

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Hi Everyone.

Just a quick second attempt at that bevel jig; this version works well and doesn't require you to separate the jig into the two pieces, so it'll work with the original and Plus jigs that have maybe been glued or nailed together. This version makes it easier to secure the LT jig to the bevel jig too - no need to screw it down, so less invasive.

Out of the box it won't work with the current LTJ30 unfortunately - not if you're using 18mm board, anyway - as the smaller 'half' of the jig is a little too long and fouls on the workpiece; a 5mm 'haircut' sorts this out, and I think I’ll look into shortening the next batch of jigs by 5mm.

I've drawn on the jigs what the approximate measurements need to be (assuming you're using 18mm material) and I'll get a quick drawing up in the plans forum later on.

Thank you all for your kind comments and condolences, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll be back in a short while.


Edited to add, quick sketch now added in the plans forum, link below. Thanks, P

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