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A Week In The Workshop 201

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Hi all!

So Stu C has since reported that he’s already sorted his Ooznest extrusion with a hacksaw and file, but the tracksaw works well: I made plenty of occasional cuts with a standard 48t blade, this one is a 52-tooth Festool 205555 made for aluminium and plastics, and thanks to plus member Ubi deFeo for putting me into that one. I'll link it up below if anyone's interested.

Little bit of 10MW housekeeping; Plus member Alan Cornforth has been kindly helping me out with some of the back-end web stuff and has generously agreed to continue to do so - phew! To help with this there's a new forum category for website feedback for any issues or suggestion, just to keep it all in the one place and so I don't have to forward ad-hoc emails to Alan, and any suggestions or issues, please put them there.

Second round of the Clamex S-20 giveaways are done in this vid, and congrats to David, S, Peter, David and Jim. I'll be in touch soon!

Heads-up I’m away next week at a YouTuber thing, so might not have anything out on Wednesday as I’m full-on with house stuff. Windows were delivered, but with only 1 piece of glass, the wrong size, and opening the wrong way. Otherwise, spot on!

Anyway, it’s being resolved; we haven’t been able to find a painter/decorator for love nor money so me and Mrs 10M have dusted off the overalls and getting stuck in and hands on, so I'll call this one done for now, and thanks so much for being part of Plus.

Can’t wait to start cleaning. 👍

Best, P

Festool 205555 52t aluminium blade -

(affiliate link, I may earn from qualifying sales, and probably cheaper elsewhere...)

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