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A Week In The Workshop 213

For all Plus members

Hi everyone. A genuinely quicker chat this week.

Firstly my apologies for not being around as much as I’d expected this last week; unfortunately Mrs 10M learned that she’d lost an elderly relative just before Christmas, and it fell to Mrs 10M - and me by extension - and her sister to deal with it all.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t made a will, please just get on and get it done as it’ll save the folks you leave behind a whole load of trouble that they won’t be expecting to have, at just about the worst possible time to have it. Just sayin’

So I’ve been a bit all over the place, but have managed to start a general workshop clearout - this was planned for the new year anyway, but spurred on by the whole ‘getting your affairs in order before someone else has to’ idea. There’s a whole load of rubbish that’s been thrown away already, and there’ll be a whole load of stuff to give away as well. I’m genuinely unsure at the moment how to best do that - if I start doing the usual ‘giveaway draw’ then I’ll be doing it forever so I need to give that a little more thought.

Ditto the 2023 review - just haven’t had a clear day to sort that out yet; it’s coming, but probably not this week…

One thing I have managed is to use my little Bosch tiny tracksaw in anger; I bought this during the Black Friday season but haven had the opportunity to try it out before now, and I’m really very impressed. Obviously of limited capacity but as long as you don’t expect this to be equivalent of a mains powered saw - or even an 18v cordless - then the size and weight are the clear benefits of a small, cordless trimming saw for use in occupied homes or areas where space is tight e.g. pretty much everywhere I’ve ever worked.

I’ll do a more detailed video after I’ve used it more, but I like it a lot so far; it’s not cheap and it’s not for everyone, but if it scratches an itch you have then 100% worth it.

Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks so much for being part of 10MW Plus, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch up with you in the midweek.

Best, Peter

Bosch 12v saw bare -

3rd party 6ah battery -

Bosch saw full kit -

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