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A Week In The Workshop 214; 2023 Review

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Hi everyone. So we're in a reflective mood today as I go through the channel  performance over the last 12 months, and take a look at which videos worked and which didn't.

In a nutshell: 6+ million views, 470+k hours of watch time, +40k subscribers, +20k Instagram followers, 1 major home renovation complete,  -2 family members, sadly; the earth turns, night follows day, and it all starts again. Enjoy it while you can.

I'll have financials for you as soon as I've slipped some fresh batteries in the calculator.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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Hi Peter, I have some very quick thoughts for you - I first came across you when I was looking for how to build cabinets and then really enjoyed watching your back catalogue of builds - I appreciate the fact that you have stopped building things for a living but that's the content I think most people enjoy watching and want to see in videos- Seeing stuff built or stuff hacked to make it look more fitted rather than a mass produced product.

The people who i tend to watch are Keith Brown, Proper DIY, the Carpenters Daughter, Badger workshop etc - they are all producing things most weeks and that's what I enjoy watching and attempting to copy.


Hi John, and thanks, appreciate your thoughts. It's funny that you should mention Keith, Stuart Vikkie and Matt, as whenever we get together one of the common topics of conversation is what a pain build videos are, and how few views they get, relatively speaking! It's an unfortunate theme - folks who love a build video tend to assume that everyone else must love them too - but the numbers tell a very different story, and unless we as the creators can put a different spin on the topic we only ever seem to reach a fraction of our audience with those kind of videos.

This type of juggling - trying to appease viewers who came to the channel years…


Interesting, thanks Peter. I think I could have predicted some of those highs and lows, but did find the “which glues when” a surprisingly low contributor; its the sort of “searchable” material that should become evergreen though.

And for all the effort you put in, no mention of the Medite base cabinetry videos, so presumably somewhere in the middle of the pack. Another long term evergreen though ?


Thanks Geoffrey. Funny about the glues; I noticed that Keith Brown had a ‘which glue’ video that had done well, but when I chatted with him recently he said that his had done poorly at the start as well. And as poorly as mine did by views and watch time, it earned a decent amount from affiliate links, and the 5 glues Factsheet drove a lot of newsletter signups, so not at all unhappy with how it went overall.

The first couple of Medite videos did pretty decently (79k combined) but the third one - door sizes - has been good, ~70k on its own in the couple of months they’ve been out.

And as you say, potential for them…

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