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A Week In The Workshop 216

For all 10MW Plus members

Hi everyone. A rapid-fire AWITW this week; I've been putting the little Bosch cordless saw through it's paces, using it for the main cuts on the next set of workshop drawers - there's always another set, right - and generally seeing how it performed in actual use, rather than just 'testing' it on bits of MDF. Overall it 's good; the finish on the waste side of Birch ply left a bit to be desired, but in the Oak floorboards it was excellent, both cross-cutting and rips.

Anyway, more on this in the midweek, probably - hopefully the public-facing video will be out for this Friday.

I did the draw for the Festool sanders, and congratulations to Phil Kneale, Mike Taylor, and André Wild who receive the RTS400 (2013) RTS 400 (2008) and ETS125 respectively - I’ll be in touch very soon to take care of those details.

On the workshop clearance, I think everything on the spreadsheet list is pretty much spoken for, so I’ll be getting in touch with the folks who’ve put their names down for the items that I can post during the course of this week; for the folks with items that need collecting, I’m thinking of a workshop ‘collection day’ on Saturday Feb 10th - I’ll confirm that, but it would be good to move as much as possible out on the one day.

And to keep the momentum going, the next two giveaways are in the forum now; a job lot of Trend cordless sanders (5” RO, 1/3 sheet Orbital, and detail/mouse type sander, with batteries and 240v charger) and my Draper 12” disc sander, 240v big and heavy so collection only on these two, thanks.

These are rather different items, so there’s a separate form for each, links below.

Trend sanders job lot -

Draper 12" disc sander -

Thanks everyone; enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch you in the midweek.

Best, Peter

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