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MDF Raised Panel Cabinet Doors [*Ad] [member edit]

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Hi hope you’re well. So I made some base cabinets recently and in this one I’m making some raised panel doors for them.

[*Ad] This video is sponsored by Medite. You know Medite, they make top quality MDF, and every painted set of shelves, bookcases, wardrobes , cabinets or doors you may have seen me make on this channel was made with Medite MR or Moisture Resistant MDF, and in this video I’m using Medite’s ultimate MRMDF, Medite Optima.

Visit meditesmartply - links below - for more information on the product and stockists, and I’d like to thank Medite for the opportunity to use Optima on this project.


Heads up; as an Amazon Associate, an eBay Partner Network member, a Trend UK, Benchdogs UK, O3Adhesives and Rennie Tools affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made through these links, and many thanks if you do.

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