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Storage Cubes - a Basic Build

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In this longer video I’m back on the Basic Build series and making some simple open storage cubes. Enjoy!

Basic build videos are just that - simply constructed projects from readily available sheet materials using a minimal - and entry-level - toolset, and with each build we add a tool - or two - that grows the scope of the work we can take on.

Open cubes are a bit like building blocks for grown-ups - stack them tall to make a display tower, make them into a low unit for your TV, or step them to make a corner piece, paint them in bright colours for a kids room or have them tone with your decor, they’re a flexible and versatile solution for your changing storage needs.

And it turns out, easy to make using a minimal toolset, too, with just a little careful application.

Direct video link -

Be sure to check out @intelligentfixings channel, and their video on cube construction using the Peanut 2 connector:-

Making mitred cubes with the Peanut 2 -

Assembling mitred cubes with the Peanut 2 -


Other videos of interest:-

Basic Builds playlist -

Peanut 2 System & Projects playlist -

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Ikea Curtain track DIY MFT -

DIY MFT follow-on -

Dave Stanton’s Dog Stop video here -

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All my tracksaw-related videos are in a playlist here -

New to the MFT or MultiFunction Table? Here’s a couple of explainers:-


Heads up; as an Amazon Associate, an eBay Partner Network member, a Benchdogs and Rennie Tools affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made through these links.

Wherever possible links are to actual products used, but this is not always possible e.g. some products are not available in the US, so something [similar] has been linked to instead.

Amazon UK -

eBay UK -


Note that prices fluctuate - some have risen since I made my purchases.

Featured/mentioned in this video:-

Silverline sander -

F clamps from Rutlands, pack of 10 300 x 80mm - I paid about £40 for mine ‘on special’ -®+r3037x10

Cheap chisels [similar] - (US: [similar]

Twist drill set from Rennie Tools; use the offer code 10MINUTEWORKSHOP for a 5% discount at Rennie Tools -

Corner plates - (US: sorry, these seem to be a non-US item, closest I can find is a regular corner bracket -

Macallister plunge saw - available in the UK from B&Q stores at

10.8v drill/driver [similar] -

Other handy gear:-

Hultafors Talmeter tape measure - (US:

Moldex 6810 in-ear defenders - (US:

Bahco 6” combi square - (US:


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