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2023 in 10 minutes [member edit]

For all Plus members.

Hi everyone. Hadn't planned to do one of these - hence the slightly off-schedule post - but started playing with the edit while the football was on and this was the result, a quick roundup of the public-facing videos I put out this year.

Thanks so much for all your support - I'll be popping in again on Sunday for a quick pre-New Year message, and I'll have the annual review out probably not this week, but the one after.

2023 in a nutshell: 6 million views, 472k hours (that's a staggering 54 years) of watch time, +40k subscribers, plus 1 major home renovation complete,  minus 2 family members, sadly; the earth turns, night follows day, and it all starts again.

Enjoy it while you can. Thanks all!


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