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A Week In The Workshop 194

Hi everyone. Just a chatty catch-up today, mostly about house stuff.

As I ‘fess up to here, the public-facing vid about the saw that came out Friday started out as a video for you folks, but I realised that the info in it was probably of interest to the broader audience, especially given that the saw had just dropped in the US.

And yes, at the time of writing it’s ranking at #2 of the last 10 with ~22k views overnight. Result

Anyway, I’ll let the vid do the talking for this one; apologies for the odd sound - not sure what happened with that mic and I haven’t used this little camera for a while, but as the old joke goes, we hope the lack of sound and vision didn’t take anything away from the overall experience…

Thank you as always for you patience and support, and I’ll catch you again in the mid-week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


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