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A Week In The Workshop 208

For all Plus members, direct link -

Hi everyone! Sorry, I will complete the panelling install video soon, other stuff keeps happening! A warm welcome to all, old hands and new faces alike.

For the new members AWITW is a chatty catch-up ‘vlog’ style video that goes out on a Sunday morning, and in this one I pitch in my two-penneth with the barrel grip jigsaw appreciation post, there’s a bit of house stuff, the Mirka giveaway video tanks - but it doesn’t matter - there’s some surprise post from the USA and I have to make an odd c-shaped clamp accessory so I can silicone a shower screen back in place.

What a week!

Thanks everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see the Behind The Scenes, Marking Out and At The Bench members in the midweek vid.

Cheers, Peter

Sander giveaway -

Workshop Banter on YouTube and all good podcast locations!

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