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Nailer and Stapler Basics - members edition

In this video I cut through the confusion of a jargon-filled nailer and stapler landscape to help make sure you spend your hard-earned on the right tool for the job you have in mind. Enjoy! NB: I own all the tools shown in this video; I am not recommending or endorsing any particular brand, and have not been paid to include these brands in this video.

Special thanks to @RobinClevett for the on-site video of a nailer in action! 🙌 Check out Robin’s channel here - See below for the specific videos referenced. How to trim a roof window - Valley roof construction - Super-flush joist hangers - +++++++++ Other videos of interest:- Basics playlist; all my ‘basics’ videos in one place - Jointing systems playlist - My Cheap Nailer and Compressor - My last install - My biggest mistake - +++++++++ Direct video link -

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