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Not Baltic Birch! [member edit]

For all 10MW Plus members

In this one I make some plywood inserts for the recent SYS-TOTE, but instead of using 4mm ‘Baltic’ Birch, I use something far more interesting - and expensive! Enjoy!

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Nice plywood Peter, as you said, you'd expect it to be for the price.

I've had good success making drawer inserts from hardboard, just glued together. Obviously doesn't machine as crisply but cuts fine in straight lines and does the job perfectly at a cheap price


On my nail gun tote I just fitted partitions in to the bottom drawer. I didn’t make removable boxes. My thinking was if I want different layout I would just make a new drawer. I do have laser cut able 1, 2, 3 and 4mm ply so I might make another drawer with removable boxes. That would let me take an individual nail size out. On my DIY tools tote I 3D printed a small upstanding to go around the hole in the top tray. It’s only 25mm tall but it’s enough to stop small rolly things like pencils falling in.

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Cheers Paul. Yes, you could do something similar with a small section moulding too - 1/4 round around the slot would stop pencils etc.. rolling through. 👍


After the 6 Top Tapes video I'm now hyper-aware when Peter is using that expensive blue tape 😂.

Love the sound of the long divider box's air cushioned descent into the box.

I'm thinking of building a version of this for the extended cab of my Tacoma truck. I have tools, grocery bags, and a plethora of other odd items that rattle around back there.

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I peeled it off carefully and stuck it back in the roll! 😂👍👍


Hey Peter, that finish birch ply is expensive for a reason ( every batch is tested to aircraft build standards apparently ) plus I hope you masked up when cutting it the resin glues used between the laminates is extremely toxic, don’t really know if it’s safe once dry / cured but ….. better safe than sorry 😔

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Thanks Graham. I have total faith in my dust extraction, but noted. 👍👍


OK, Who wants to see Peter build an aircraft?

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I was thinking the same thing

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