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Tiny 12v Tracksaw [member edit]

For all 10MW Plus members

In this one I’m taking a first look at a tiny Bosch 12v circular saw with a trick up its sleeve - it turns into a tracksaw! I used it recently as the main saw for some more workshop drawers, and this is how it worked out. Enjoy!


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Feb 02

I started looking at that saw online, reasonably priced and I have the 12v Bosch drill and impact driver so wouldn't need batteries. And I can use it on my guide rails. Veeeeeeery tempting... I think I'm starting to veer into the "tool collector" area, not good. 😱

Replying to

😯 ‘tool collector’ - can’t imagine what it must be like to be one of those guys… 😬


A few years ago I was in the same situation - wanting to break down full sheets into manageable sizes - when I saw the Worx model in one of the local DIY stores. "That looks like a good idea!". It was a mains model (before the battery revolution). Got one home and when I tried a first cut the motor got red hot and started smoking. Took it back and swopped it for a fresh one. On this one the blade was not parallel to guide or body. This time it was the wood that smoked.

I gave up on the idea and went back to my handsaw - got my money back with no problem.

Being an early…


Ooh, I hadn't thought about using it in the DIY store carpark. Could make my life a lot easier as my local DIY store doesn't have a sheet cutting machine so if I need sheet goods on a Sunday and it is too wet for the roof rack, that could be really handy when my local lumber yard is closed. Which has happened a few of times last year and delayed my project.

Need to find a nice present for the boss first 🤣

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This was my big takeaway from the video. I had never considered cutting in the car park and delivery is very expensive.

I wasn’t sure how popular I’d be though depending on how good the dust collection is. But having a tough built c700 would make it very easy to stand up a sheet for cutting.

I looked at a cheap Katsu version because it takes a Makita battery, but looks like no dust extraction at all. There is a Makita that does look interesting.


I have a Worx mini circular saw and this gives me ideas how to adapt it to run on a track..... Could be useful.

Thanks Peter.


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